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Star Industrial Co., Ltd. is the largest plastic manufacturer in Hong Kong. Our "Red A" brand name is highly recognized in the plastic industry locally and internationally. We have over 600 products in our lines that include houseware, kitchenware, catering & restaurant supply, office products, heavy-duty containers, component parts and medical containers.
First established in 1949, Star Industrial started with a line of brush products such as toothbrushes, hair brushes & lint brushes etc. Within a decade, Star had expanded the line to include a large variety of household products. Today, in our 250,000 sq ft factory facility, Star Industrial manufactures over 600 different products under the expert supervision of a professional staff of 250. In addition, we also provide unique in-house OEM service for customers worldwide.
Our factory is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. It is an "international" quality management system. The quality management system of Star has been certified to be in full compliance with this international standard. Factory audit can be requested and certificates of international standards can also be provided upon request. Some of our products comply with FDA, ASTM, UL etc standards. Medical containers have passed the European Council Directive 2002/72/EC, 2005/79/EC, 2007/19/EC and 2008/39/EC. Baby products have all been tested in government-recognized labs, passing "ASTM F963-96A" standards.
Strength in the technological field allows Star Industrial to stay ahead of the competitors. Our in-house mold-making department uses CAD/CAE/CAM computer systems from initial mold design to 3-D visualization & analysis, to gating & cavity configuration, and to provide a database for production. In addition, EDM, milling, lathing, drilling and grinding are employed to produce exact-tolerance molds of the finest materials, which include hard chrome-plated high-carbon and high-grade stainless steel.
We have over 60 sets of injection molding machines on site, including Hydraulic and All-Electric series that range from 22 to 1,300 tons clamping force. These high performance and precision injection machines are designed with multi-stage speed and pressure controls. Larger units employ removal robotics for automatic production. The 13 sets of blow molding machines produce 30ml to 100 liters capacities with parison control for uniform wall thickness. We have also installed clean room facilities (class 10,000 air contamination control and class 10,000 control standards) for our medical products and other items that demand the highest quality.
Our Art Department is constantly striving in the area of design and packaging to accommodate the many cultures, lifestyles & tastes in our different markets. Printing methods include silkscreen imprint, hot stamp and heat transfer.
From initial product development, through to shipping and after sales service, quality is our main concern. With continuous internal production monitoring of product specifications & international safety standards, we strive to maintain the highest level in the production of each product, as well as in scheduling and cost efficiency.
A million pounds of top grade virgin resins are consumed each month, over 50 resin types are used, they include PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC etc. Some of these materials are heat or microwave stable, food safe and fire retardant. In addition, we demand all our suppliers to provide certificates as proof that the raw materials comply with FDA standards.
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