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Star Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a Hong Kong manufacturer for over 50 years. Our "Red A" brand which stands for top quality grade A product has been a trusted brand name throughout the years. Our product lines consist of over 600 products with main focus on household category. With such a vast range, our products are widely used in many households as well as small or large businesses in all different industries. Red A comes to mind when quality and dependability are your first concerns. Our products comply with various international standards. Through testing, we have received compliance certificates as well as awards. In addition, our products come in different styling, updated designs and colors to please the different markets.
Our household products, e.g. food containers, microwave products, pitchers, drinking wares, dishes, ice cube trays, kitchenware etc. comply with US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 standard. All food related products are manufactured with food safe virgin materials, no harmful substance is added, therefore completely safe to the health of the consumer.
Some of our plastic food containers have SANITIZED® additive added for antimicrobial protection. This additive slows down fungus & bacteria growth and is completely safe to use. The level of additive added is in compliance with Europe's 2002/72/EC standard, specifically relating to plastic materials that are intended for food use or come into contact with foodstuffs. In addition, In addition, we have applied the Microban® silver ion antimicrobial technology to our chopping boards. It effectively suppresses the growth and reproduction of gems . Achieving long term anti-bacteria function, it reduces the risk of cross contamination during food handling.
Our baby products comply with US ASTM F963-96a standard. With new colors and new packaging, these products are ideal as gifts.
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