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Our company's industrial line has received much recognition. The line includes the following categories:

Transportation Products
Our heavy-duty containers come in many sizes and styles to suit the various needs. They are suitable for factory & warehouse use. Other than being extremely sturdy, they are also very mobile when in use with our different size trolleys. We can customize by making a specific size for the customer or replace our standard hardware with stainless steel ones. For color choice, other than our standard red and blue, we now offer gray, forest green, dark brown and deep blue.

Food Service Products
All materials used in this category comply with US FDA standards and we have different products that suit a wide range of markets. For the western kitchen, products such as chopping boards, drinking wares, sauce bottles, are well received. For food storage items, we only produce in the material's own natural color. Information such as temperature range, capacity and maximum loading are provided in order to ensure safe use of the products, and therefore the buyer can be confident when purchasing Red A products.

Utility Cans
In addition to regular household garbage cans, we have Fire Retardant wastebaskets, garbage and utility cans that are popular amongst schools, institutions and parks. These products are made with special fire retardant material under UL 94 SEC.8 V2 standard. The material retards burning while avoiding the spread of fire and it also releases less smoke than regular plastic while flaming. For our pails and utility cans, we can customize by adding nozzle and capacity markings. In additional, these items are made with FDA approved material and therefore safe for many applications.

Parts Containers
For small items such as buttons, needles, electronic parts, stationary items, fish lures, jewelry beads that are difficult to organize and store, we have produced part bins and compact drawers in different sizes and styles for use in factories, offices, shops, and kitchens etc. Both the bins and drawers can be easily stacked and attached to make your own storage system. They can also be hung on the wall to save space.

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