3-Piece Funnel and Strainer Set
3-Piece Funnel and Strainer Set


Funnel (L)   L 108 x W 108 x H 120 mm

                   (L 4-1/4''  x  W 4-1/4''  x  H 4-3/4''')

Funnel (S)   L 102 x W 102 x H 90 mm

                   (L 4'' x  W 4'' x  H 3-1/2'')

Strainer       D. 45 x H 16 mm

                   (D. 1-3/4'' x  H 5/8'')



-  Funnel set with strainer fits all size containers and can be used together or separately.

- Strainer can be used with either size funnel and is easy to remove.

Product Code
No. CA1331
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